Dear Hoomans,

Life is a treat!

my food journal

Food Fur Thought

It’s a doggos job to teach hoomans dat little things bring da biggest joys.

Like food! I eat anyfing put in front of me. I would eat salt chips and string cheese all day but Hooman says food is da energy dat fuels my tiny 7-pound body. Because I hab alopecia and naughty anal gland inflammation, hooman is even more crazy about my whole food diet. “Nutrition strengthens da immune system” she says. Blah, blah, blah. Atleast my butt is no longer on fire. We live in Los Angeles and mom is a bit coo-coo about the power of foods to heal our bodies.

Dat being said, even with 4 years of gud diet my alopecia is still here. So hoomans, let dat be food fur thought. You can try and heal us but maybe DNA or universe still wants us to hab magic hair powers. Either way, a healthy diet will keep us with you longer so it’s fur da best anyway!

Since so many frens asked, here is daily food journal and why I eat what I do. Also I’m a dog not a vet so if anyfing isn’t accurate…sorry! I am smart boy but still only 6.


My food journal

…aka treat tracker

Thyroid Pill Treat

Once I started losing my hairs, hooman took me to naturopath and she found I was hypothyroid. Turns out, wasn’t my fault I was fat and sleepy boi! Now I take da levothyroxine daily which helped some hairs grow back. Mom compounded my meds into chewy treat dat sniffs like beef and it’s what I lub most and spin for morning and night. Genius werk!

(ingredients in da chewable according to hooman: Levothyroxine Sodium powder, sodium chloride granules, Xanthan Gum powder, Glycerin Liquid, Beef Liquid (verdict: not da best but mom hasn’t taken it away yet)

(Wedgewood Pharmacy- only a few pharmacies make magic smelly dog meds & dis one ships across da US)


Raw Diet- Stella and Chewy frozen beef and lamb patties
I am so happy I lost hairs cause mom took me off kibbles and gave me raw beefies and lamb. I’ve been eating raw for 4 years and am so obsessed wiff my food dat I dance and spin and high five da wall. Check out dis video. I was never crazy about even da best kibbles. I dream about dis food and polish it off in seconds.

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Serving size: I Frozen Beef Patty (I weigh 7 pounds, 8 when fat boi)

Because I get whole food treaties a few times a day hooman gibs me a little less raw meat for breakfast and dinner. I get 1 patty which is best for 5 pound doggo and I’m 7 pounds. Because all of dis adds up in calories. But I am the most food motivated doggo out there so I can’t lib without my treatie breaks!

Seb tip: give more patties. Hehe. Also, put 2 patties in da fridge overnight so dey are perfectly thawed fur next day. We don’t want to wait. You can even thaw 4 at a time and they’ll be good for 2 days. They also have freeze dried versions with the same ingredients fur travel times. Buy dis incase you forget to thaw so there is no wait time.

Pros and Cons of Eating Raw

Licks like water

Over 70% of raw meal is water! We get da majority of our daily water intake from our meal! Hoomans will notice less thirst

Gibs us better breath
Bacteria in da mouth makes it smelly and raw food doesn’t gib bacteria a happy place to live (kibble does I guess)

Happy skin and coat
Raw habs ground bone (natural source of fiber) and collagen which is gud for skin and hair healff. Cooked food has less nutrients cause heat destroys some if it

More play times
It takes less energy to digest raw food so more energy to have fun! Raw food only takes 1-2 hours to digest but 7-9 hours for kibbles. Plus less fillers and carbs weighing down our bodies

Smaller Poops & less stink
cause we absorb all da nutrients versus pooping out da fillers in kibbles (hoomans love dis one)

Da naughty Bacteria

Some vets and companies like Just Food For Dogs say der is risk of contamination wiff disease causing bacteria. Udders argue us doggos are well equipped to deal wiff bacteria and our saliva has antibacterial properties.

Dis is why dey say a doggos mouth is cleaner den hoomans. Saliva contains lysozyme an enzyme dat destroys harmful bacteria. And our short digestive track pushes food and bacteria out quickly wiffout giving it time to colonize. We also have a very acidic gut dat deters bacteria.

So hoomans, wash your hands when dealing wiff raw food. Grandma and Grampa make us clean our bowl in laundry room sink. Rude! hehe

Rich in fats – gibs gas
okay i never hab gas from beefy breakfasts and dinners. Only when mom gibs whole green bean. But some hoomans think raw diets are too rich and can cause GI upset.

*Some hoomans including vets don’t love raw food for us. Like everyfing in life, not everyone agrees so use your best judgement for your doggo.
*Some hoomans including vets don’t love raw food for us. Like everyfing in life, not everyone agrees so use your best judgement for your doggo.

Frozen Raw Food Ingredients:

• 90-95% meat, organs, and bone. Grass fed, cage-free, happy cows. Wee!

• Pea free, lentil-free, potato free (grain free foods containing these can cause heart disease according to FDA)


• 100% organic fruits and vegetables.

• Fortified with added vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants

NuJoint Plus Wafer Treat

Dis is favorite thing! It’s flavored wiff real chicken livers so I’ll do anyfing for it.

Benefits: Preventative treat to keep da joints happy fur life and even protect da trachea. Poms need dis.

Serving: 1 chewable per day (depends on size)

Seb Tip: Bring on walks and break into pieces as reward fur walking like gud boi. Make it special treat and make it last. Udderwise I will stop every 30 seconds and mark every bush in sight. Dis treat keeps me moving and I’ll even change direction for it which is least favorite thing. I am stubborn boi about where I want to go.

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Whole Food Treaties with Hooman’s lunch

Hooman has gotten me in very bad habit of begging while she eats lunch on da couch. Which is also very bad hooman habit! Check out dis video.

Hooman usually gibs me two different whole food treaties per snake break: carrot, apples, broccoli, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, shredded chimken

early dinner

By 3:40 I start to lose my mind! I dance. Ring da bell. Stalk momma everywhere she goes. I don’t want her to forget it’s DINNERTIME!

Raw Diet- Stella and Chewy frozen beef and lamb patties

Serving size: I Frozen Beef Patty (Iwiegh 7 pounds)

Snack with hooman dinner

Again….hooman gibs a mix of carrot, apples, broccoli, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, and/or shredded chimken followed by cuddlies on da couch

Thyroid Pill Treat for nighttime potty

Meal Prepping 101

Hooman and I eat most of da same fings except for da raw meat. So mom cuts up cuccies (cucumber), melon, apples, celery, broccolis, etc and keeps dem in little Tupperwares in da fridge so dey are handy. She also puts a mix of dem into little to go baggies for trips to da park. If healthy treats aren’t easy to grab it’s too easy to get lazy and reach for da nummy processed stuff.

*Seb tip: Gib more processed treaties. hehe. Only feed fruits and veggies in moderation- less den 10% of daily intake. Also check with your vet if you have any medical conditions dat could affect what you shud eat.

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Seb tip: Cut into small pieces, we dont' like skin and seeds. Des can be upsetting to our tummies. Plus skins could contain pesticide residue. (unless you buy organic)

Enjoy da crunch, dey are low calorie!

Bring dem to park cause dey are 96% water and keep us hydrated.

002-appleCreated with Sketch.


An apple a day, keeps da vet away! And allergies! Apples are gud source of quercetin which can make irritation, redness, and inflammation go away! Less itching. Lots of vitamin A and C fur happy skin, vision, and coat.

Pectin werks as a prebiotic which is gud for our gut health and immune system!

Seb tip: cut away da skin and seeds. Skin cud have pesticides or covid germs plus seeds can have naughty cyanide which hoomans say isn’t a concern in small amounts. But I’m small so please air on safe side.


Des are my favorite. Raw carrots have da best crunch and are gud for teefies. Low in calories and fat and lots of fiber to bulk up poops. Fiber is gud for anal gland issues like mine.

Mom always buys da organic peeled and cut carrots. Dis way no pesticides and easier for me to chew wiffout choking.

She lightly steams most of dem because she read dogs can’t metabolize the nutrients of raw carrots. So to fully get all dat nutrients like beta-carotene that gibs healthy eyes…..lightly cook or steam them.

Will warn you, you’ll see lots of orange in da poop.


Seb tip: Cut into small pieces to avoid seeds and rind. Des can be upsetting to our tummies or cause intestinal blockage. Der is sugar so not too much at once.

Perfect summer snack cause dey are 92% water and keep us hydrated. Also high in fiber for gud poops and habs lycopene antioxidant which can prevent cancer. Tell hoomans dat frens!

if you want more info on my favorite treats....just tweet me..hehe.