Dear Hoomans,

Don't Forget to

Sniff the Roses

And other Life
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I may not be as big or treat smart as golden retriever fren. But I am real gud teacher to my hooman. I wake up with two things on dis mind….having beefy breakfast and training hooman to live like me. Hooman watches my every move (even squats down to watch da poop come out) so she is good learner. My life is short as a doggo cause I am gud boy already. I was born with what hoomans call, happiness. I only live in dis moment. I don’t do past or futures. My hooman on udder hand, may live 100 years if I don’t teach her everything dat matters. She has made a lotta progress since I was puppy, but my job is not done.

Journal Entries

from sebastien

So here are da doggo habits dat come naturally to me….do dem and you may be as happy as me! And next time you tell doggo to stop rolling around in da grass, stop and think, who is teaching who?

Entry Date : 9/21/2016

Dear Hoomans...
You are never too old to learn new tricks

I learned how to brush my teeffs today. I'm three, so wasn’t sure if I could learn anyfing new but then remembered I’m smartest boi!! Hooman was mumbling stressy things about my gums and tartars and heart….I tried to escape to my teepee fur zen times… but she put nummy peanut butter on stick and before I knew it, I was doing dis!

Few licks later she put goo on dere dat smelled like tree. Oh well, still gud!

Hoomans, remember dat u gotta learn new tricks too. As doggo, I love doing same fings every single day (nappies, treats, park, poo!) but hoomans gotta change fings up. Your brain needs as much stimulation as ours so every time you try and keep fings fresh for us, do da same fur yourself.

Change somefing today! Start to dance, go to new coffee shop, write a letter to fren, or learn why our poops come out green sometimes. Doesn't matter what, but you'll feel gud fast. Look at world wiff curious sparkly eyes like mine.

xoxo, sebastien

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Entry Date : 2/15/2017

Dear Hoomans...
Wait patiently for the ones you love

Today, like most dayz, I wait patient for momma to come home.

I sit in dis window seat fur hours and hours wiff sleepy eyes and alert ears. Waiting fur car noise and den garage noise. Today was gud, cause momma was only gone for shortest time… 5 frens walked by, one toot came out and den one dream about kitty cat fren…so maybe…thirty minutes.

AND gudder news…she came home with da smelly treats and chickens fur my belly. My heart raced with happies but I played it cool and didn’t move from bed till momma exploded with loves for me. Dis made her even more happies. When she ran to me, I spin and spin and danced as if she had been gone for monffs. I do dis to make her feel gud. And perhaps for treats. We do dis dance of loves every day.

Once, I heard momma say da joy of her life was coming home and seeing my face waiting in da window. Wee!

There aren’t many fings you can count on in life, but she could count on dat.

I don’t take anything for granted like da hoomans do. Don’t matter how many days pass and how many times momma comes home, I’m just as excited to see her. And that’s why you hoomans love us doggos so much.

So….if you are hooman and want udder hooman to feel extra gud, wait for dem in window seat, jump up, and spring into der arms like you did on very first date togedder. Because you know der is nothing that feels better. everyone wants someone’s eyes to light up when dey walk into a room. Dat shouldn’t stop just cause you’ve been togedder so long.

p.s. Bonus points if you say, “I’m soooo happy dat you are home.” (Or I brought treats!)

xoxo, sebastien

Entry Date : 4/15/2020

Dear Hoomans...
Dance when you feel excited!

I do somefing most doggo’s don’t do. I dance when I’m happy boi. I dance fur breakfast, I dance fur walkies, and I dance fur beefy dinners. Today, I had to poop and got sooo excited thinking bout all da spots I might choose. Da one by dat tree. Da one by dat smelly bush. Oooooh I felt happies everywhere.

But I also dance to teach momma what to do when she feels gud. Hoomans are like stuffed toy fren…they don’t move when they shud. I wish they would just drop to da ground and roll around and scream, I get to go to da beach today! Yayayaya!

Hoomans….follow my lead and FEEL da good times. It’s all da little things that are best in life. Think of a time when you felt overjoyed cause special vacation was tomorrow or new puppy came home (hi!) . Dat is good. More of dat. But every day.

p.s.s Next time da doorbell rings and its da best fren….jump off da couch and yell, HIIIII I LOVE YOU!! Cause you know you wanna. You just hold it in.

xoxo, sebastien

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Entry Date : 9/25/2019

Dear Hoomans...
Be silly to make someone laugh

Today grandma knitted me faux fur sweater. Since I don’t have much of my own furs left, she thought dis was perfect gift.

I let momma laugh and take pictures and grandma use me as pin cushion cause who am I to take away hooman joy and rip it off with little teeth and whip it across da room?

Dat would be bad boi.

Hoomans….remember dat udder hoomans need to laugh more. It’s medicine as dey say.

Us doggos know dis instinctually so we do silly things to lighten day and distract from stressies. You need to do dis for udder hoomans too. Biggest gift you can give yourself or udder hooman is laughter.

So perhaps you could wear silly kitty costume to lunch or leave whoopie cushion under seat….just do something today to make another hooman’s smile come out!

xoxo, sebastien

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Entry Date : 6/2/2019

Dear Hoomans...
Let someone take care of you

Today I let momma put me upside down for brushies even though I wasn’t sure I could flip over and jump up if I saw a cat or heard a naughty garbage hooman. Dis took guts. But momma loves to take care of me and lets face it dis feels gud. Since I’m doggo, I can’t get my own breakfast or treaties or let myself out for potties. The only thing I can do for myself is run and get friendly toy to play wiff.

I’ve noticed hooman loves to do stuff for me. Dis morning, she held my bowl above my head and said, I’m so thankful I get to give you dis breakfast. Well, I I feel even luckier I get to eat dis breakfast! Weee!

Hoomans….even though you have 2 arms and 2 leggies and can open your own bag of treats….let other hooman do it sometimes. Dis feels gud for dem. And you might realize you like treaties opened for you. Don’t werk so hard to say no to stuff you actually want. Be like doggo and enjoy everything as it comes.

xoxo, sebastien

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Entry Date : 9/26/2020

Dear Hoomans...
Let it go

Today hooman put friendly on da table and I had to save him. I tried with go go gadget paws to reach him but didn’t werk. I tried about 30 different angles around table. One, two, three! But he was too far. I punched him in da face once and dis only pushed him farther away!

Having to werk harder gives me happies. Look at dees sparkle eyes! The more I can’t do something, da more excited I get. Is dat weird?

Dis is cause it stimulates my mind. Anyway…..moments later I forgot all about friendly and ran to get princess fren.

I tossed her across da hall and whipped her around till I was outta breath. Friendly was distant memory.

Hoomans do weird thing! They get frustrated at themselves if they can’t do something guddest way the first time. Dis is silly! You can do something else super gud right now and be happy about that. Plus being hard on yourself only makes things worse. Let da feeling of shame go and move onto something else. It’s no biggie.

xoxo, sebastien

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Entry Date : 9/25/2019

Dear Hoomans...
Don’t hold a grudge

Today mom forgot to give me walkie treat. I pottied on every tree and short bush and even da neighbors pot to get my treatie but hooman didn’t do it! I kept looking up as gud brown eyed boi but she just smiled back! I even sat in da middle of sidewalk!

Finally, hour later, she remembers when we got home! She said, “I forgot your treatie!” So I loose mind and run to her so fast I almost slide right into wall. Yay! I didn’t care dat she forgot earlier! I just take the goodness whenever it comes. Why think about da past when treat is right in front of you?

Doggos have to teach hoomans dis. If husband or girlfren forgot to bring home desserts or give kisses…..dey get mad or sad and go into funky mood. Den when gift finally comes they are still too mad to enjoy. Dat’s silly because it makes them and fren feel bad. Plus I bet you get less treats in long run!!

Hoomans….take da treat. Whenever it comes. Let go of da past and only focus on what’s happening now!

Dat brings the happies! And dat keeps the good treats coming.

xoxo, sebastien

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Entry Date : 9/25/2019

Dear Hoomans...

Breakfast is #1 moment in my life. I feel dis way every day. Never less excited unless I wake up with tummy rumbles and dat doesn’t stop me either!

Today…. eyes opened at 6:20 like dey always do. I realized beefy/lamb breakfast was moments away, so I did a jump turn right in front of momma face on bed. (insert videos?) Bam! She was too sleepy to handle dis so she put me on da ground.

I ran as fast as I cud to kitchen. Slid across floor and did moon dance on the rug till she caught up wiff me. (Video?) Finally, favorite sound. Hooman opened big cooler and my food was moved to counter. Plastic thing snapped open and smell was in my nose! Best part is when hooman spoons beef into bowl. I spin and spin and high five da wall just cause dat’s what comes outta me. So happy!

I don’t know when I started doing dis. But hooman laughs and dat makes me keep doing it. It’s a wonder I don’t get da burbs and farts after.

Hooman on udder hand…..also seems to enjoy meals but no noises or spins or high fives to da wall. Fishies and steaks and all sorts of nummy smells come out of kitchen so I think there should be more enthusiasms. I think I’ve been gud boi teaching cause hooman made happy sounds da whole time she ate shack shake burger and cheesy friends dis week! More of dat please!

Da point is… time you take a bite of juicy salmon, smile and enjoy like it’s very last meal. It cud be!

xoxo, sebastien

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